Powis Nursery – Energy neutral project phase 1


Thanks to nPower’s support Phase 1 of developing an energy self-sufficient plant nurseries has now been completed following the commissioning of ground source heat pump to meet the needs of the commercial plant nursery at Powis castle near Welshpool. The system has been kindly funded by nPower and their Green Energy scheme with the National Trust

The nursery was heated by over 20 x 2.5kw convector heaters which have now been replaced with a 27kw Dimplex ground source heat pump. The heat for the system is taken from a 500m ground collector in the field next to the nursery. The collector is buried in long trenches 2.25m below ground and collect their heat from the surrounding soil which is warmed by the sun. This heat is then transferred via a fluid to a compressor which compresses the fluid and raises its temperature. heat is then drawn off via a heat exchanger into a water tank (buffer) which then circulates this 40c water to each green house where a fan coil turns the hot water into hot air which is ducted to every part of the green house. The outcome from all of this hard work is reducing the electricity bill (£5500) by around 75% and the carbon emissions by over 20,000kg pa

this still leaves the 25% and work is now ongoing it is hoped to develop a 10kw Photovoltaic Array (ground mounted) this year and with some active management of the system we hope to meet our aspiration of making the site self-sufficientby the end of the year (we hope… but its worth having stretching ambitions!)


Green gardening in the National Trust

ps – last year the Powis nursery has also moved from using mains water for feeding the tender plants and now has a borehole feeding all of its water needs. As an organisation we have realised that using some of the highest quality drinking water to feed plants and flush toilets is a bit… well more to say on this in the future www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w-chl/w…/w-coastline-sourcetosea.htm

National Trust Green Energy in partnership with npower

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