Well i never knew that! Old Hydros everywhere!

Snowdonia is famed for its steep mountains, rushing rivers and the odd drop of moisture. The perfect ingredients for generating electricity through hydro generation. Dotted all over Snowdonia you’ll find old hydro systems. An example of this can be seen on a National Trust farm very close to the main road between Pen y Gwryd Hotel and Capel Cerrig in Snowdonia. People speeding on their way to the A5 at Capel Cerrig rush past a small unassuming shed very close to the road. Inside this shed is a fantasic example of 1930’s hydro technology . This hydro system developed by Richard Edwards of Llanuwchlyn for the owner of Dyffryn Mymbyr farm (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyffryn_Mymbyr) farmer and author Thomas Firbank.

The hydro is as it was left when power cables eventually came through the valley making local geneartiuon redundant. The National Trust hopes to one day restore this small hydro back to generating power for the farmhouses perched high up on the side of the valley some 300m away from the turbine house. But this is only one of many hundreds to be found across the National Park. I have a personal interest in these abandoned pieces of our heritage. Their value in terms of history is slowly being discovered but their value for producing energy again is yet to be realised

so watch this space – please let us know if you know of any both out of interest but also so that we can share with others

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