Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my first ever, ever blog in the world ever!

Let me introduce myself and colleague Paul. Both of us have been working for almost four years on understanding and reducing the National Trust’s environmental impact specifically in Wales but also wider across the organisation and with individuals, communities and partner organisations. Our jobs have laudable aims but what does it look like on the ground i hear you ask? (well i think you do?)

That brings us to this blog and we hope over the coming years (there’s confidence for you!) to share what we are learning, doing and developing (the good the bad and the funny). Be it big exiting renewable energy projects, understanding our impact or new wizzey gadgets to make the world a little bit better or just simple approaches to managing what we have better.

we don’t claim to have all of the answers or even many. But we have some suggestions and we hope to share the successes and not so successful approaches we are developing / borrowing/  making up! So watch this space…

and now back to doing stuff!

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